About Our Company

1We have been successfully developing transporting and forwarding company. We cooperate with many home and foreign companies. We have the advantage of in time deliveries and monitoring of each order - from the beginning to the delivery.
For easier monitoring we have “dynafleet” system in each vehicle. By dint of the system we are able for example to control vehicle position, check drivers’ going and brake time from the office or control a fuel combustion. Apart from this we can comunicate with our drivers by free of expense messages, check and improve driving technics and possibly give our clients a password for personal monitoring their load. The system works on-line.
In our quest for perfection of our services and increasing our client’s satisfaction we have implemented Quality Management Integrated System ISO 9001:2008, certified by Det Norske Veritas company. The effective and efficient Quality Management System guarantees that our services offer fulfills clients’ requirements, and the client service process is constantly being perfected. Each of the employees in our company is focused on identyfying our client’s needs expectations and does everything to satisfy them.
Our policy is to convince our clients that we are worthy of long-term cooperation.
In our economic activity we work accordingly to ethics rules, we regulate obligations to contractors and The Treasury in time. The proof that we have been successfully developing company is the fact that we are constantly increasing our stock, employing new people and incessantly raising our qualifications.
Very important part of the management is investing for better work facilities and further developing of the company. For providing optimal work facilities for increasing work efficiency, the company has built a new headquarters and truck service which satisfy global requirements concerning safety and ecology.
We care about professional developing of our employees by organizing professional trainings, integrating trips, sponsoring postgraduate study etc.
Our employees in their activity go by the following ethics rules:
1. Honesty – relationship with clients and between people in the company;
2. Quality – general rule is “give such a quality as You expect from the others”;
3. Creativity – we appreciate all new ideas and award a prize thease implemented.

The most important company aims are : quality, safety and ecology, achieved by implementing suitable systems of management and using the newest technical solutions. We have trucks which fulfill the highest requirements concerning exhaust emission, confirmed by norm EURO-6. We reduce CO2 emission because of decreasing fuel use. We organize trainings bound up with economical vehicles’ driving for all our drivers, control constantly fuel use and motivating system for drivers and decrease empty courses. We practise tyres treading for longer usage and in the result decreasing quantity of the waste. In our transporting base there are the newest separators for dirtiness neutralization (engine oil, cums etc.). Apart from this we utilize toners and other similar equipment. We are using the products which could become secondary stuff. There are additional trainings in the company just to make employees realize that we should care about the environment. Problems in providing safe and hygienic work facilities and environment protection are really home for us and that’s why we are going to implement and certify soon BHP Mamanegement System accordingly to PN-N-18001:2004 norm and The Environment Management System ISO 14001:2004.

We operate in territory all Europe. We send ours trucks especially to:









We specialize in transit from West Europe to: